We help brands by motivating consumers to improve their total well-being in a smart, irreverent, award-winning kind of way.
Walk our halls and you’ll see a stimulating assembly of professionals—writers, managers, strategists, art directors, planners, analysts and developers. All drawn together by a burning desire to care. About those we work with every day. About our brands and brand teams. And about the healthcare professionals and consumers we reach out to online, on-air, in print and in-office.

We're a little different
Keeping ahead of change in healthcare demands that we go beyond merely "engaging" people. More screens in more places doesn't necessarily equate to doing more. Individuals strive to connect with universal human truths to form emotional bonds. Only then will the conversation lead to meaningful actions and results.

We weren't born yesterday

For decades, we’ve helped wellness and pharmaceutical brands, along with their products and services, grow and thrive. Today, we're dedicated to raising the bar and crafting award-winning work that lives up to the Saatchi & Saatchi name.

As a part of the largest healthcare communications group in the US, Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, we’re a full-service agency, providing:

  • Consumer Marketing
  • Medical Education
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Professional Marketing
  • Direct Sales Force

In addition, we offer digital expertise that reaches beyond websites, gadgets and apps. Our native knowledge of emerging technologies motivates people to improve lives and achieve well-being at every stage of their journey with services including:

  • Viral Marketing
  • Experiential
  • SEO & SEM
  • Back-End Development
  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation
We stand for a few basic beliefs

Wellness isn't just physical. It's social, spiritual, environmental, intellectual—but always, emotional.

We see doctors, consumers, caregivers and payers as people first.

People are persons. And people are emotional creatures.

Never powered by reason alone, human beings are moved to action by emotion. Be that joy, anger, happiness, sadness or surprise.

We infuse the rational with a healthy dose of the emotional throughout every journey and experience we create.

We are creators of ideas that move people to actively promote well-being and live healthier lives.

Only when people feel something will they be willing to do something.

We're multidisciplined.
We offer a wide range of services for digital, traditional, social and relationship marketing.

Consumer Research
Strategy & Planning
Usability Testing
Brand Planning
Relationship Marketing
Customer Intelligence
Database Marketing
Market Research
Competitive Research
Industry & Trends Analysis
Search Engine Optimization

Broadcast & Print Advertising
Integrated Campaigns
User Experience
Online Advertising
Desktop & Mobile Sites
Social Campaigns
In-office Patient Ed Materials & Video
Mobile & Web Applications
E-mail Marketing
Direct Mail
Brand & Package Design
Viral/Guerrilla Marketing
Press Production

Infrastructure Planning
Site Development
Rich Media Development
Application Development
Content Management
Database Management
Digital Asset Management
E-mail Development
Quality Assurance

Business Intelligence
Predictive Analytics
Web Analytics
Segmentation & Profiling
Data Mining
Our Process is Fluid
The SSW process capitalizes on proven practices of organizational processes found in Lovemarks, brands that build loyalty beyond reason. Comprising 5 steps—Immersion, Exploration, Inspiration, Engagement and Evaluation—this process facilitates successful delivery within the very specific advertising and marketing space. Each step harnesses speed and collaboration to leverage the power of emotion that moves people to take action.