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Selling Into Hospitals: True Partnership Requires A New Focus With U.S. hospitals transitioning from a volume-based to a value-based care approach, pharmaceutical companies need to adjust the way they position their products and support their customers, especially in the face of the healthcare industry’s rising costs. In 2015, the United States spent $3.2 trillion on […]

In recognition of Menopause Awareness Month, highlights from our new survey analysis aim to help women and the people around them gain a richer understanding of this significant life phase. As part of our Women, Wellness & Technology initiative, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness recently conducted a national survey of almost 2,000 women with the intent […]

Scientifically rigorous careers in fields like healthcare and wellness marketing might fly under the radar, but they offer MDs legitimate professional options outside the exam room. No one ever said becoming a doctor was easy. But when did practicing medicine become so hard? According to a recent study from the Journal of American Medicine, nearly […]

People need to feel something before they’re motivated to do something. It’s easy to assume that in today’s data obsessed world, the choices we make about our careers, our finances, our relationships, and our health are fact-based and optimized to create the best possible outcomes. After all, we like to think of ourselves as rational […]

Despite being ostensibly purely rational beings, physicians and other HCPs are drawn to compelling, emotional marketing narratives. It’s easy to assume that physicians and other healthcare professionals end up in their careers as a result of some inborn calling — something deep within them that makes them different, more data-driven. The best medical professionals, the […]

As social listening capabilities continue to grow, medical marketers can better understand and target current and potential consumer populations. For decades, pharmaceutical market researchers have relied on relatively static research techniques in order to learn about how patients think and feel about their conditions and diagnoses. Focus groups and consumer surveys, for example, have long […]

A Prescription for Reinvention: The New Realities of Oncology Marketing Oncology is a dynamic, cutting-edge field — one that requires marketers to remain agile as new developments emerge. The public tends to conceive of “cancer” as a monolith, as a disease that, with time, we will cure all at once. But this notion couldn’t be […]

ICYMI: MeOlogy: The Age of Individualized Health & Wellness We gathered a panel of experts to discuss the digitally-driven personalization of health and wellness. We live in a personalized, on-demand world. We expect Netflix to know what we like to watch, Amazon to tell us what to buy, and we do it all using the […]

Medical conferences have long been a staple in the healthcare industry. But in an evolving marketplace, new communication styles are necessary to match the way conference content is being consumed by an increasingly digitally-savvy audience. Answering the Call of Increasing Connectivity In today’s hyper-connected world, there’s more than one way to participate in a medical […]

Marketing to the rare disease community presents a unique set of challenges — one that requires meaningful engagement with collaborative stakeholders.Rare disease marketing requires pharmaceutical companies to abandon many of their most frequently employed strategies.

When I think of climbing the world’s highest mountain, letting go is the last thing that comes to mind. Physical strength, resolve, drive and determination are the necessary tools I cling to. Not to mention, staking claim to something so few men and women have accomplished.

How full is your mind? If you’re like most Americans in the 21st century, chances are your brain is overflowing with reminders, suggestions and requests competing for your attention. Rarely is there an opportunity for a moment of reflection or quiet serenity.

It started out as a crush from afar. From my living room couch, actually. I was flipping through TV channels until I came upon a film starring one of my favorite actors playing a man who has opted out of life.

If you’re feeling like you’ve overloaded your system with too many disco fries or slices of grandma’s apple pie, then try a fresh, nutritious smoothie.

Fertilizer is in my blood. My dad’s family business promoted treatments to help grow greener yards. The chemical products they used were “your answer to a beautiful lawn.”

Last month, I walked in the footsteps of generations of fathers when I walked my daughter Amanda down the aisle. It was an event I both anticipated and denied from the time of her infancy.

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