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August 23, 2012 | Written by: Scott Carlton

Game On: Gamification in Healthcare Isn’t the Future—It’s Now

With an eye on incentive-based activity, gaming hasn’t just hit the healthcare sector with a bang—but an explosion. And why not? The idea of making good health practices entertaining has its benefits.

Imagine what an increase in the compliance of diabetes medications could do for children? Or the influence behavior modifying games could have on obesity rates?

But are these multi-player platforms of avatars, badges and leaderboards viable channels for improving health? Or do they merely trivialize the medical profession with gimmicky incentives?

Come to your own conclusions. Listen to a panel of experts at a SSW-hosted gathering during Social Media Week discuss the successes and failures of health applications and social media platforms. Join them as they explore how and why these games help drive healthy outcomes. Plus, hear their predictions on what’s happening now in wellness gaming—and what we can look forward to experiencing in the not so distant future.

About the author
Scott Carlton
Scott is Associate Creative Director at SSW. His wellness pledge is to keep fit by eating plenty of chicken and yogurt.

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