Join us for the latest in thought leadership from SSW—introducing the Saatchi Salon. Our exciting new platform kicked off with a conversation about emerging trends in mobile health management. Moderated by our very own Jason Levy and Sharon Suchotliff, it featured panelists at the forefront of technology, government, medicine and academia.

Select a video below from the series of event recordings to get a peek at what the future holds.

Intellectual Content

Looking to enhance the wellness of your mind? Or maybe just find a new page-turner? Check out these fiction, nonfiction and cookbook book reviews. Who knows? You may find a selection that does both.

If a day under the heat of glaring spotlights sounds alluring, join us for a closer look at what really goes on at a professional photo shoot—for dogs.

Wellness has an enemy, and despite what you may have been told, it’s not Beelzebub—it’s you. And me. It’s all of us. When it comes to wellness, we are often our own greatest adversaries.

With an eye on incentive-based activity, gaming hasn’t just hit the healthcare sector with a bang—but an explosion. And why not? The idea of making good health practices entertaining has its benefits.

With all the successful miniseries on public television set during pre-WWI, viewers seem to never get enough of the comings and goings of daily life during the Edwardian period.

In the thick of a medical emergency, what comes out of a doctor’s or nurse’s mouth can leave you scratching your head. The verbal shorthand used by healthcare professionals can be confusing without giving much clue to what you’re facing.

Everywhere you went at South by Southwest this year, someone was looking to show you how to track and see your data for something—exercise, sleep, calorie intake, blood pressure, and even brainwaves. Going beyond apps, these trackers now take the shape of clothing, watches, kiosks at your supermarket, and brainwave tracking headbands. The premise behind […]

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