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December 14, 2013 | Written by: Scott Carlton

Well Fed: Apps for Health-Conscious Business Travelers

Picture this: You’ve recently made a pledge to start eating right and BAM!—you’ve just learned you’re going to focus groups in Cincinnati, Atlanta and Salt Lake.

What do you do? Well, before you toss your new diet plan overboard, pack these healthy food apps on your mobile phone. They’re sure to help you resist the candied peanuts as you shuffle from the glare of airport terminals to the darkened rooms of various research facilities.


Fooducate Diet Nutrition Scanner by Fooducate, Ltd.

Scan barcodes to see various food products’ nutrition grades, gather insights and share feedback. The app pulls info from the largest database of UPCs on more than 200,000 unique products. If you’re looking to watch what you eat or just shed a few pounds, get smart with Fooducate.

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Food Additives 2 by IGRASS PTY LTD

Ever wonder what acetic acid, ethyl maltol or sodium nitrate really are? Learn about food additives from ingredient listings on packaged food. This informative app details more than 450 additives, which you can sort by name, number, diet type and more.

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Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

Log your food consumption and exercise feats wherever and whenever you'd like—even if you can't get to a computer. With a calorie counter of more than 2 million foods, this app helps you stay within your dietary limits. Any changes you make on your phone will be automatically synchronized to the Web and vice versa.

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GateGuru by Mobility Apps LLC

Instead of grabbing a quick bite at your gate you’ll regret later on, learn what other places are available nearby. With GateGuru, you’ll locate all the restaurants in your terminal area—complete with reviews from other travelers. This resourceful app also allows you to receive real-time flight status info and view/post airport security wait times.

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About the author
Scott Carlton
Scott is Associate Creative Director at SSW. His wellness pledge is to keep fit by eating plenty of chicken and yogurt.

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